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Gen Z’s New Reality Amid COVID

Plus Q&A Conversation w/ Gen Z Panel

COVID-19 is a defining event for Gen Z – but what’s next for these college-age consumers? How has this pandemic shifted their beliefs, plans and habits, and what does the back-to-school season look like for millions of students during a pandemic?

Consumer insights are increasingly important as brands and agencies strive to operate and make an impact in these unprecedented times. Through our panel of over 1M Gen Z consumers, we have firsthand insights on how Gen Z plans to navigate this back-to-school season.

*Report by PurPics prior to Knit rebrand in 2021 

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What’s Included…

Return to Normalcy

How is Gen Z planning to get their lives back on track both socially and with school? How do these changes affect your brand and marketing strategies?

GEn Z's Financial Outlook

Is Gen Z poised financially for a “bounce-back” in Q3? How are their finances and spending patterns going to impact your brand this upcoming fall?

Food & Beverages

Is Gen Z looking to continue trying new products this upcoming fall? How are they learning about new products during social distancing?

Q&A Conversation w/ Gen Z Panel

Hear directly from our panel of Gen Z college consumers on how they plan to approach their fall semester. Our moderator, Aneesh Dhawan, sits down with 4 Gen Z consumers — all different backgrounds, schools, and class years—to advise on the best ways of reaching today’s youth. They take a deep dive into how brands can expect to engage Gen Z in this new reality.

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