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New Release: Announcing Knit’s DIY Video Insights platform equipped with AI Thematic Analysis (servicing ages 13-65yo)

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Instantly answer your biggest Gen Z strategy questions and get feedback on all your ideas with Knit’s Gen Z Insights Platform & Agile Video Feedback Solutions.

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Gen Z Insights

The World’s Largest
Gen Z Research Panel

458458 +
Gen Z Consumers

Knit’s panel gives you on-demand access to over 1,000,000 Gen Z respondents that you can tap into for real thoughts, feedback and opinions to guide your product and marketing initiatives. Custom segment and screen candidates based on interests, behaviors, demographics, geo and more to ensure you get feedback from your ideal audience.

Now offering access to 5M+ consumers aged 13-65

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Quantity questions and Video question illustrations.

Quant, Qual & Video Studies

Research Tailored To Suit Your Needs

Harness the power of Knit’s Quant + Video solutions to get the “what” and the “why” with every study. Our methodologies support 100+ quantitative question varieties, while combining the power of 30-90 second Voice of Consumer asynchronous video responses to equip you with both hard data and real consumer stories to guide your strategies.

Feedback from Ideation to Execution

Understand The Gen Z Journey
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Market Research

Build a baseline understanding of Gen Z preferences and behaviors to drive your product and marketing strategies. Uncover gaps and opportunities in your market and better understand the full Gen Z buyer’s journey to influence your plans to building market share.

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Concept Testing

Run desirability tests with Gen Z to get real-time feedback about your newest concept or idea. Pit product or marketing creative against one another for early stage discovery and validation, ensuring you take the right path before heavy investment.

Answers in as little as 48 hours

Make Actionable Decisions Quicker Than Ever

Knit works to keep your business agile, giving you answers to your Gen Z questions in as little as 48 hours. Our analytics & reporting tools feature automated analysis & AI theme identification along with no-code video editing and storytelling tools to make qual-at-scale a true possibility. Opt in for Knit’s Fully Managed Services to be paired with a team of dedicated research strategists who’ll handle your full process, from study design and programming to analysis and reporting.

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Partner Testimonials

What are brands saying about Knit?

"We needed a quick-turn solution to get real, unfiltered, Gen Z consumer feedback on various projects related to launching our new JBL brand positioning. Because this was a big, high priority project we needed agile responses so we could learn and adjust as we built out our creative and messaging planning for 2022. Knit provided that much needed agility and will continue to be useful as we test new creative moving forward."

Ammar Mahmood testimonial
Ammar Mahmood
JBL Speakers
Global Brand & Marketing Strategy

“Knit's focus on younger consumers and ability to get quick quantitative and qualitative feedback has been a huge help in directing strategy around future fans. Using features like voice of consumer videos have given us a great foundation to ideate with stakeholders on new ideas to target younger consumers. From direction on event experience to content testing, Knit has been a great resource for us in drawing custom research from Gen Z.”

Maxwell Miranda Review
Maxwell Miranda
Consumer Insights Manager

“We dig deep into audience data, and we love to talk to our clients customers, but when it comes to younger adults, folks just getting their adulting feet wet, that’s not an easy crowd to get a handle on. How do you get them to share their thoughts on something like finance? How do you know they’re engaged when you actually reach them with questions? Knit alleviated all of that for us.”

Dave Burg Review
Dave Burg
Shepard A Fixer Co.

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