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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Knit run surveys or research on any other age groups or demographics?

Not yet… With Gen Z representing such a large part of our current brand partners’ entry point consumers, along with the generation’s affinity for Knit’s key driver (social causes), we currently focus all insights studies on the tough-to-obtain Generation Z. But stay tuned as we expand…

What campuses or regions is Knit currently active on?

Our panel is currently represented on over 290 campuses! If you have a specific geo in mind, we can confirm whether we have it availble for a study via your kick-off call and demo with our team. If we’re not currently active in an area that you’re interested in running a study at, we can oftentimes launch at a given location within 2-3 weeks.

How do I access my Knit Dashboard?

You can access your dashbaord anytime at:

Our team should have provided you with account access during your project launch. However, if you’re having trouble accessing these details, please email our team for assistance at

Do I get to choose the charity that our survey fundraises for?

All of our Knit community members are motivated to participate by being able to fundraise directly for any cause that they specifically care about. So while we may be able to work with your brand in selecting members interested in causes that you’re aligned with, our platform works best (and you’ll get quicker responses) when members choose their own cause.