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Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all! Though Gen Z has been our bread and butter, we run research on generally all ages and walks of life. Our panel spans ages 13-65, so we can reach virtually whoever you want to hear from, on a moment’s notice.

Yes! We have a list of open integrations that allow you to field your own studies and analyze your responses on Knit. We’re always actively expanding our integrations, so reach out to our team to see if yours is available or on our roadmap!

We work with brands from all over the globe. However, our panel is primarily located in the US and Canada.

Our panel spans over 5M total consumers, composed of respondents from both our proprietary panel (made up of primarily Gen Z) along with 3rd party panel integrations from the world’s most trusted providers. Our AI-powered respondent qualification ensures respondent and data quality is heavily vetted across 10+ key metrics – so you always have data you can trust.

We work with brands in both ways! Many clients work with us in both a DIY capacity and through our Managed Services team, depending on their individual project needs.

Yes! We offer an unlimited set of custom screeners and termination questions, including geo, interests, behaviors, demographics & more, to ensure you always get feedback from your ideal audience.

We work on a per respondent basis, with bulk discounts applied when you purchase respondent packages at larger volumes.

You can access your dashboard anytime at: Our team should have provided you with account access during your project launch. However, if you’re having trouble accessing these details, please email our team for assistance at

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