Run nearly any form of research entirely on-demand

Survey your Gen Z respondents for rapid quantitative gut-checks or dig deeper into the “why” with qualitative Voice of Consumer video responses, virtual IDI’s and focus groups.

Quant + Qual Research Capabilities

Video Feedback Responses

Qual Insights

Get access to real in-the-moment opinions, understand behaviors, and hear student stories through 30-90 second video responses, at a fraction of the time and cost of focus groups and interviews.

Key Use Cases: Concept Testing,  In-Home Use Tests, In-Home Video Research

Programmatic Surveys

Quant Insights

Launch custom quantitative studies at any scale, delivered to your specified demographic criteria, for when you need concrete numbers to influence decisions.

Key Use Cases: Market Research, Pulse Reports

Virtual Focus Groups

Qual Insights

Get in-depth data and follow-up feedback through real-time access to Gen Z consumers. Conduct fully virtual focus groups with 5-10 panelists at once, with all tech and logistics hosted by Knit.

Key Use Cases: Concept Testing, Market Research

Additional Research Capabilities

Sample Distribution

Whether it’s a new product launch or existing line, get your products in the hands of respondents for initial trial to aid in respondents’ feedback on packaging, product perceptions and more.

Custom Reporting

Opt into Knit’s custom built reporting, prepared by your dedicated Research Assistant, providing insights into key takeaways, deeper segmentation data cuts, and more – based on your business objectives.

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