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Gen Z & Alcohol

Gen Z & Alcohol

Fresh Insights & Expert Opinions on Gen Z’s Alcohol Consumption

Is Gen Z rethinking drinking? Or are they just migrating to new flavors and alternatives? What’s driving their purchase decisions? Influencers? Ads?

Get answers to these questions and way more by downloading our Free Live Panel. In this session, we overview brand new Gen Z Alcohol consumption and purchasing insights, followed by a panel discussion with 3 Gen Z and Alcohol Experts, with experience guiding youth strategy for Constellation Brands, Guinness, Smirnoff, Seagram’s 7, Captain Morgan and more.

The Gen Z Data we’ll cover:

🛒   Purchasing Insights: Find out how much Gen Z is spending and where they’re spending it.

🍹   Consumption Insights: Hello seltzer, so long, beer? A by-the-numbers look at how Z drinks differently.

🏆   Gen Z’s Top Alcohol Brands: 60+ alcohol brands that Generation Z keeps in stock, and why they love them.

🙅‍♀️   Abstention Insights: Why Gen Z drinks less alcohol than Millennials, and what they’re drinking instead.

Take a peek inside the data:

Our Gen Z Expert Panel

Gregg L. Witt

Cultural Marketing Strategist | Keynote Speaker | Best-Selling Author, The Gen Z Frequency
Witt helps co-create brands, products, and experiences that impact change and drive business results. He has dedicated his career to a focused examination of the wisdom and authenticity inherent in today’s youth, while guiding others on how they might, respectfully, do the same. He was recently named Youth Marketer to Follow, Inc Magazine and made the Forbes list of Top Gen Z Marketing Experts. Recent clients include Atlantis Resorts, Constellation Brands, YouTube, Unilever, and The Walt Disney Company.

Beckie Sommo

VP, Strategy — Taylor Strategy
Beckie is a strategist by discipline with the heart of a storyteller, continually asserting a passion for integration and collaboration that drives business impact. Deeply connected through today’s cultural landscape, she’s committed to creating touchpoints for brands and their consumers that leaves a lasting impression. Some favorite brands from 10+ years working across digital, social and PR include Guinness, Smirnoff, Seagram’s 7, Captain Morgan, Thompson Hotels, Van Heusen, Beneful, Purina, & Dreyer’s/Edy’s.

Aneesh Dhawan

Knit CEO & Gen Z Expert and Entrepreneur
Aneesh Dhawan is the current CEO and Founder of Knit, a Gen Z intelligence platform. At the age of 16, Aneesh launched his first company, a cause-marketing agency called Feed A Friend. Two years later he started his current venture, Knit, the platform helping brands like Vita Coco, Soylent, and Ecolab engage and understand the next generation of consumers. Aneesh has grown the company from a dorm room project to a Techstars-backed, technology company with over $2M in venture funding and a team of 15.

Get your biggest Gen Z Alcohol questions answered by our expert panel!

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