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TPCO gets answers needed to drive marketing & lease ups for its new development

The Challenge

Tracking behind its pre-leasing projections for its new development opening Fall 2021 in Clemson, SC, TPCO needed access to campus-specific insights to guide and alter their current marketing and leasing strategies, and they needed them fast.

The TPCO team sought out answers to key marketing questions related to amenity and location preferences, along with current property perceptions. The team also looked to obtain insights from a sample representative of their ideal resident profile (based on initial pre-leasing data already obtained).

Goal Fulfilled in under 48 Hours

Within 48 hours of survey launch, the Knit user network fulfilled the full 150 response target determined by the initial SOW. Looking to provide an even more comprehensive report through final deliverables, the Knit team ran the study for an additional 48 hours, fulfilling the SOW by greater than 250%.

Qualified Responses

How We Helped

Optimizing Surveys for Actionable Answers

The TPCO team approached Knit with a general understanding of the 10 questions needing answers in order to shift their current property marketing strategies.

Knit’s internal research team then optimized the full study, designing each question/answer + full 30-question study flow, to ensure an optimal experience for respondents and actionable insights for the TPCO team upon completion.

Applying Targeted Segmentation

With the Clemson Greek community being determined as TPCO’s ideal resident profile, Knit applied rapid segmentation  of its Clemson network to deliver on the hyperlocal size, scale, and distribution needed to ensure that TPCO obtained learnings from their representative audience.

Supplementing Insights with Context, through Video Responses

In order to provide additional color to the quant insights captured from TPCO’s target audience, Knit users supplied additional qual findings through 45-120 sec videos, detailing raw perceptions and opinions of TPCO’s new development. Respondents thoroughly reviewed a 360 Virtual Tour of the new property and were asked to comment on unit sizing, layout, overall perceptions and more.

Clear, Actionable Data & Reporting

Upon study completion, Knit provided the TPCO  team with templated charts and data prioritized to display the most actionable insights so that the team could efficiently apply learnings to active marketing and leasing  strategies. In addition, deliverables were also handed over in  raw formats to allow for further manipulation and “digging” to apply to longer term property management and design decisions.

The Results

Acknowledging the study and insights as a huge success, the TPCO team used its findings to guide key messaging within its property marketing efforts, such as deeming notable amenities and features to highlight during in-person and virtual tours.

Building upon the success of the team’s study, TPCO was also able to implement operational and property management improvements through the insights provided, including changes to guest management, Uber drop-off locations and more.

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