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Shepherd gains insight on college consumers’ financial decisions for large FinTech client

The Challenge

Digital strategy agency, Shepherd, approached Knit with a need to better understand how college students use social media to make “adulting” choices — especially choices related to financial decisions. The goal was to uncover how college students learn about “adulting topics”, what their priorities are, and how they think about their own finances.

By The Numbers

How Knit delivered, big time…

Qualified Responses

Video Responses

How We Helped

Quant Surveys for Actionable Marketing Insights

Knit’s final research deliverable provided 2 key insights proven to shape future client marketing content and media. Shepherd highlighted the following findings to be most impactful:

  1. How Gen Z thinks about getting their money situation in a better place – specifically the pride they hold in the fulfillment of that journey.
  2. How Gen Z sees the internet and social as a source for financial advice – oftentimes deemed more helpful than friends and family.

Qualitative Video Responses

Providing context on quant findings and validating current campaign messaging

In order to guide additional campaign messaging, Knit launched qualitative video surveys to gather insights on consumers’ financial statuses and perceptions around current campaign messaging. Respondents recorded 15-20 sec videos documenting their responses to both “How has the COVID-19 pandemic altered the way you think about your finances?” and “What does [Shepherd client campaign phrase redacted] make you think about?”

Clear, Actionable Data & Reporting

Beyond providing real-time reporting on respondents, Knit provided the Shepherd  team with templated charts and data prioritized to display the most actionable insights. Knowing the Shepherd team looked to attain client buy-in on campaign direction, deliverables were handed over in both raw formats and in editable templates to allow for further manipulation and storytelling.

“We dig deep into audience data, and we love to talk to our clients customers, but when it comes to younger adults, folks just getting their adulting feet wet, that’s not an easy crowd to get a handle on. How do you get them to share their thoughts on something like finance? How do you know they’re engaged when you actually reach them with questions? Knit alleviated all of that for us.”

Dave Burg

Co-Founder @ Shepherd

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