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Riff concept tests rebrand and new packaging to resonate with Gen Z

The Challenge

Nearing an upcoming rebrand and packaging redesign, the team at Riff, a growing natural energy drink, approached Knit to conduct qualitative concept testing within their identified target segment of 18-24 year olds. The goal was to uncover how Gen Z currently perceives the Riff brand and the natural energy sector, as well as define the segment’s preferences for the brand’s new packaging concepts.

Custom Panel Segmentation

Hoping to gather feedback from the brand’s core target segment, Riff required detailed segmentation for their study: 18-24 year old natural energy drinkers residing in California.

Qual Feedback at Scale

With initial quant findings guiding the creation of 4 brand concepts, Riff was in need of mass qual content to understand user perceptions on the potential brand directions, at a scale at which interviews and focus groups could not provide.

Shortened Timeline

With the brand’s manufacturing deadline approaching within 7 day’s time, Riff required actionable feedback on the can redesign before sinking thousands of dollars into production.

By The Numbers

How Knit delivered, big time…

Videos Responses

Campaign complete

How We Helped

Qualitative Video Responses Validating Concept Direction

In order to gain contextual feedback for Riff’s rebrand, Knit launched qualitative video surveys to gather insights on their target consumers’ perceptions around 4 potential brand directions. Respondents were presented each of the packaging redesign options and instructed to record 30-45 sec “reaction” videos documenting their thoughts and preferences on each concept.

Impactful Analytics Tools for Expedited Insights

As Riff’s study was fulfilled in the 72 hour period, respondent submissions automatically updated in real-time in their campaign dashboard. Automated video transcription alongside video/text analytics helped guide immediate feedback for the team to leverage for instantaneous decision-making.

Qual Review Made Easier Through Automated “Highlight Videos”

Key to Riff’s campaign success on an expedited timeline, Knit’s “Highlight Video” analytics tool saved crucial time for the Riff team’s analysis. Respondent video submissions were run through Knit’s Insights algorithms to identify key respondent snippets, chopping videos into “highlights,” meaning the team only had to review responses with the highest value contributing to their campaign goal.

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