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How Representation Affects Black Gen Zers Favorite Media Properties

What do Ariana Grande, Criminal Minds, and ESPN have in common? We’ll let you ponder on that one. No, it’s not a trick question. If you’ve had your coffee this morning, you’re probably rolling your eyes right about now. Yes, you got it right. These were all mentioned, among other favorites, when Knit did a survey with Black Gen Zers on their media consumption. We’re deep-diving into all the important facts of what Black Gen Zers actually think.

It’s a dive you want to go in on. In fact, there’s an estimated $300 billion of untapped value for companies if they can catch the interest of the Black community, which has been historically underserved. And we found that 17.6% of Black Zoomers don’t think there are media or news sources available that reflect their personal and cultural beliefs.

Back to Ariana Grande. She isn’t just one of the favorite musical artists mentioned. She is also one of the favorite celebrities, together with among others, Beyoncé, Zendaya, and Kevin Hart. Fun fact: 6 out of 8 of the top favorite celebrities mentioned were women. Girl Power! Or something like that.

We also found that Black Gen Zers are on the nostalgia trip Knit has covered before. They hang out at Central Perk. That is, Friends was one of the go-to shows or shows most recommended to a friend, along with Euphoria, Demon Slayer, Criminal Minds, and Vampire Diaries.

Is your mind swimming from that dive into all these fab facts? No worries. We’re almost done. We’ll leave you with a couple of quotes and some crucial last words.

Who’s your favorite celebrity? Why?

“Ariana Grande because she’s a beautiful person and sings like an angel.”

“Kevin Hart he’s a funny person I’d like to meet one day.”

There it is. No more diving and swimming references. But we hope we made a splash. Yeah, we agree. That was a bad joke. But if you want more deets to not leave money on the table and connect with Gen Zers, we got them and more. Click on the button below to ask Gen Z your own burning questions.

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