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39 page report:

Gen Z’s Money Management

Spending, Saving & Investing Trends

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Get access to never-before-seen Gen Z Insights on how this generation manages its ever-growing dollars, including their growing financial influence worldwide, their spending and budgeting habits, and 3 trends brands should take note of to evolve with Gen Z.

What’s included in this report…

The Rise of the Gen Z Dollar

No longer is Gen Z “just those kids in high school.” They now make up the largest consumer segment in the world, with access and influence over massive amounts of spending power.

The Forces Shaping Gen Z’s Financial Behaviors

Dig into the 3 factors that have shaped Gen Z’s financial habits for the long haul, to get a better understanding of their motivators when choosing where to place their high-value dollars.

Gen Z’s Money Management Habits

How does this generation approach saving? Budgeting? Find out their priorities when setting their dollars aside and hear directly from Knit’s Gen Z panel in our VoC videos.

Investing for this Generation

With the oldest of this generation just reaching 24, they’re still nascent in their investing journeys. But now’s the time to find out the early factors shaping their investing habits.

Evolving with Gen Z

Finally, we wrap up our report with 3 trends for brands (both in and out of the Fintech space), must take note of to capture this generation for good.

Get full access to these insights and more within our Gen Z Money Management Report:

Get access to the Full Report:

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