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2022 Gen Z Alcohol Report

2022 Gen Z Alcohol Report

Generation Moderation?

What the Data Actually Says
About Gen Z & Alcohol

Gen Z is rethinking drinking — and the alcoholic beverage market is changing fast to keep pace. Download this report for brand new Zoomer consumer insights, learn what changed in the pandemic, and discover what all of Gen Z’s favorite beverage brands have in common.

What’s included:

🛒   Purchasing Insights: Find out how much Gen Z is spending and where they’re spending it.

🍹   Consumption Insights: Hello seltzer, so long, beer? A by-the-numbers look at how Z drinks differently.

🏆   Gen Z’s Top Alcohol Brands: 60+ alcohol brands that Generation Z keeps in stock, and why they love them.

🙅‍♀️   Abstention Insights: Why Gen Z drinks less alcohol than Millennials, and what they’re drinking instead.

Take a peek inside the report:

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