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Statistics Snapshot:

How Gen Z Celebrates

St. Patrick’s Day

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, everybody, and you know what that means! Time to head to mass and maybe attend a nice traditional céili with your immediate family before enjoying a delicious lenten meal of fish and veggies and calling it an early night, right? Just kidding, it means it’s time to drink! At least, that’s what it means for a significant chunk of the population, and Gen Z is no different.

As for how St. Patrick’s Day became a popular “drinking holiday” actually has nothing to do with snakes, shamrocks, or stereotypes, but we’ll skip that part because we know you have places to be and too-ras to loo-ra today. Don’t forget to hydrate!

When it comes to why Gen Z considers St. Pat’s a drinking holiday, how they celebrate, and what they’re drinking when they do, though, we can deliver those in less time than it takes to pull a full pint. Ready?

St Patrick’s Day – The Gen Z Way:

29.3% of Gen Z will start drinking between 1:00pm and 3:00 pm on St Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is second on Gen Z’s list of holidays associated with drinking, just after New Year’s Eve

52% of Gen Z say their “go-to-drink” on St. Patrick’s Day is beer. The most popular type? Guinness.

This is just a snapshot of the kinds of insights we collected in our 2022 Gen Z & Alcohol Report. Want to know which brand is Gen Z’s favorite? The #1 reason they gave for raising a glass? The average amount they spend each month — and the surprising way they purchase their favorites? Give that button below a click to snag a copy of the full report and pour yourself a glass of refreshing Gen Z insights.

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