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How Representation Affects Hispanic Gen Zers Favorite Media Properties

¡Vamos! We’re going to jump into everything we learned from our recent survey with Hispanic Gen Zers on their media consumption. No boring stats here. Leave the aburrimiento behind. And no more trying to be cool using Spanish words. We promise.

The Hispanic spending power was $1.9 trillion in 2020. It grew as much as 87% in ten years. Yes, that’s a lot, so pay attention. Because 25% of Gen Zers in the US are Hispanic, yet only 5.7% of speaking roles in films go to Latinx actors.

When we wrote about Black Gen Zers, we found that as many as 73.3% of their favorite celebrities are also Black. That’s not the case for Hispanic Gen Zers where only 9% of their favorite celebrities are Hispanic. It’s quite a difference. And it’s not the only interesting difference, so hang on tight because more golden nuggets are coming. 36% of Hispanic Gen Zers said that they are unsure if there are media and news sources available that reflect their personal beliefs. It was more than double the number for Black Gen Zers.

So, what captured our Hispanic Gen Zers’ attention? Bad Bunny and The Weeknd are a couple of their favorite musical artists. Other notable Hispanic mentions are the In the Heights soundtrack and C-Kan. Some favorite shows or movies are Encanto, Euphoria, Demon Slayer, and Stranger Things. And yes, quite a few of the go-to shows or movies were horror properties. Hispanic Gen Zers like to keep it scary.

Who’s your favorite celebrity? Why?

“Zendaya Coleman, I like how she stands for the lgbtqia community and people of color.”

“My favorite celebrity is probably Ryan Reynolds because he is absolutely hilarious.”

That’s it. You didn’t get any feelings of aburrimiento, did you? Didn’t think so. This is only a small taste of what we have to offer. If you want more interesting stats and to learn what Gen Z really thinks, hit the button below to get started.

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