Gen Z Research:

Digging into Gen Z’s Support for Social Good

Our work engaging and understanding the newest generation has brought us closer to learning what makes Gen Z ‘tick.’ A blossoming group tied to individualism with an ever-growing (financial) command for your brand’s attention, Gen Z is unlike any who’ve come before.

And never have we seen a more socially engaged generation. That’s why we’ve decided to dig in and understand more about how Gen Z thinks, shops and supports brands who also back the larger ‘Social Good.’ Dive into the highlights of our most recent study conducted through the Knit Gen Z Intelligence Platform.


**Study surveyed 350 18-22-year-olds across 20 U.S. states and 44 universities. The results are representative of U.S. college students under the age of 25 (95% confidence level; 5% margin of error)


At Knit, we aim to provide you with tailored insights straight from the voices of Gen Z, so you can ensure you reach this generation to the best of your abilities. Ready to learn more about what kind of services we provide? Reach out to our team today to learn more.