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Gen Z Research:

Digging into Gen Z’s Support for Social Good

Our work engaging and understanding the newest generation has brought us closer to learning what makes Gen Z ‘tick.’ A blossoming group tied to individualism with an ever-growing (financial) command for your brand’s attention, Gen Z is unlike any who’ve come before.

And never have we seen a more socially engaged generation. That’s why we’ve decided to dig in and understand more about how Gen Z thinks, shops and supports brands who also back the larger ‘Social Good.’ Dive into the highlights of our most recent study conducted through the Knit Gen Z Intelligence Platform.


**Study surveyed 350 18-22-year-olds across 20 U.S. states and 44 universities. The results are representative of U.S. college students under the age of 25 (95% confidence level; 5% margin of error)


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