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Increase viewership & engagement with Gen Z

through Gen Z Voice of Consumer Insights

How Knit can help:

You need to increase engagement within your Gen Z audience. To do that, you need to build the products and strategies to steal their eyeballs from competitors & alternatives.

Knit provides on-demand access to over 60,000 Gen Z consumers ready to provide crucial feedback on all your marketing, product and content decisions.

Traditional Sports Broadcasting is struggling

to capture & engage Gen Z

Gen Z will tell you time is very valuable. They don’t see the value in sitting and watching something for three hours, whether that’s a baseball game, the Super Bowl, or the Oscars.”
Mark Beal; Professor, Rutgers

“Live game consumption is where we do the worst at bringing the product to the younger audience because we’ve set up a structure over decades that can’t just be unwound in six months.”
Chris Marinak; COO, MLB

“The challenge isn’t about finding Gen Z. It’s about attracting and keeping their attention.”
Kate Jhaveri; CMO, NBA

Grow your viewership, by better understanding the generation that’s creating massive shifts in how sports are being consumed.

Gen Z Panel:

Sports Fans
of the Future

Downloadable Insights Report & Panel Discussion Available Now

The new way to engage & understand Gen Z

What’s setting Knit apart from
other research providers

Direct Access to Gen Z, Viewers of the future

Knit boasts the largest nationwide panel of Gen Z (60k consumers) enabling brands & networks to conduct studies that are hyper-targeted to specific regions, attributes and demographics.

Quant + Qual Data, for the "What" + "Why"

Through a combination of quantitative surveys and qualitative tools like Knit’s Video Feedback Response solution and Focus Group Panels, networks can supplement a baseline understanding of their Gen Z viewers with deep, qualitative insights into their target audience.

Quick turnaround for agile innovation

Knit’s highly-responsive, on-demand panel enables brands to conduct studies quickly to get the qual and quant data needed to answer their questions in minutes instead of months, while our analytics solutions help gather actionable insights instantaneously.

Research guiding the acquisition of

a younger Gen Z audience

How you can use Knit to ensure
your viewership grows

Broadcast, Product, & Content Strategy

Gather industry and market-wide data to uncover key insights and “big ideas” that lead to new broadcast and product developments that better resonate with your Gen Z audience.

Concept Test Broadcast content & executions

Run head-to-head testing of product and marketing concepts while gathering the crucial “why” behind Gen Z consumer preferences, so you can keep their attention long-term.

Network Brand Measurement

Establish a baseline understanding of your network’s perceptions within Gen Z while monitoring change and understand if your brand-building activities & product offerings are effective over time.

Case Studies

Take a look into the success our brand partners are having through the Knit Gen Z Insights Platform. From concept testing to market research, our partners are guiding more customer-centric decisions through Knit.

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