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Video Highlights:

Gen Z Sports Panel from May 6, 2021

40% of Gen Zers NEVER watch live sports. What’s driving this generational drop-off? How are they consuming & following sports today? How should the sports industry innovate for the fans of the future?

Check out highlights from our most recent Gen Z Sports Panel from May 6, 2021 for all the answers.

Want access to the full panel discussion with 5 Gen Z consumers and Mark Beal, in addition to exclusive Knit Gen Z Insights? Get full access here.

Capturing Gen Z through
Next-Gen Community Platforms

Optimizing Social Channels
& Content for Gen Z

Increasing Value to Brands
Sponsoring Sports Teams

The Importance of the Second
Device During Broadcasts

Tapping into Influencers
& Gen Z Super Fans

How to Balance Promoting
Players vs The Team

Leaning Into Swag & Aparrel
That Gen Z Loves

Boosting Gen Z In-Game Attendance
Through New Experiences

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