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Gen Z Panel:

Sports Fans of the Future

40% of Gen Zers NEVER watch live sports. What’s driving this generational drop-off? How are they consuming & following sports today? How should the sports industry innovate for the fans of the future?

Get access to exclusive Knit Gen Z Insights & a full panel discussion with 5 Gen Z consumers and Mark Beal, a leader in the Gen Z Sports Marketing space.

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& Full Panel Discussion:

What’s Included…

Exclusive Gen Z Sports Insights from Knit

Overview of Knit’s firsthand insights on how Gen Z currently consumes, follows, and engages with Sports & Entertainment.

Panel Discussion with Gen Z Expert, Mark Beal

Open discussion with Gen Z Author + Expert, Mark Beal, on upcoming Gen Z trends and initiatives within the Sports Entertainment Industry.

In-depth Q&A with Real Gen Z Sports Fans

Hear directly from our panel of Gen Z consumers on their sports behaviors and opinions, where they answered questions asked by some of the biggest teams and leagues around.


Aneesh Dhawan

Knit CEO & Gen Z Expert and Entrepeneur

Aneesh Dhawan is the current CEO and Founder of Knit, a Gen Z intelligence platform. At the age of 16, Aneesh launched his first company, a cause-marketing agency called Feed A Friend. Two years later he started his current venture, Knit, the platform helping brands like Vita Coco, Soylent, and Ecolab engage and understand the next generation of consumers. Aneesh has grown the company from a dorm room project to a Techstars-backed, technology company with over $2M in venture funding and a team of 15.

In addition to entrepreneurship, Aneesh also has a keen interest in global health. He has launched and led several global health initiatives in Haiti during his time as a Global Health Fellow at Norfolk Academy’s Batten Center for Civic and Global Leadership. Aneesh is also an avid endurance athlete and Ironman 70.3 finisher.

Mark Beal

Gen Z Expert, Author, Professor & Keynote Speaker

Before authoring his most recent book, Engaging Gen Z, Mark Beal served as a public relations practitioner and marketer for more than 25 years, developing and executing public relations campaigns for category leading companies and brands around such major sports and entertainment platforms as the Olympic Games, Super Bowl, World Series, NCAA March Madness, US Open Tennis and The Rolling Stones.

He collaborates daily with Gen Z as a full-time professor of practice in public relations in the Rutgers University School of Communication & Information. Mark’s ongoing primary research of Gen Z has led to keynote speeches with the American Marketing Association, Association of National Advertisers as well as corporations, brands, sports leagues conferences and agencies.

Mark’s previous book, Decoding Gen Z: 101 Lessons Generation Z Will Teach Corporate America, Marketers & Media, captured the attention of media, marketers and employers nationwide as the oldest Gen Zers join the workforce and the entire Gen Z cohort becomes the primary focus of corporations and brands.

Mark features his interviews with Gen Z on his YouTube series, Mark Beal: Gen Z From A To Z. To learn more, visit,

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