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Top 10 Podcasts About Gen Z

These days, it seems everyone and their mom is pushing out a new podcast. And no wonder: monthly US podcast listeners have grown 61.5% in the past 3 years. The emerging channel is not only a great way to push out your message, but it’s easily becoming many Americans’ go-to source for insights and “takes” into the topics they care about most.

So of course when you come to the place to keep up with youth trends, we couldn’t just leave you with an old-fashioned list of the top books on Gen Z. We had to hit you with what’s fresh, exciting and new: the top 10 podcasts on Gen Z. So without further ado, let’s get into the list.

1. #GenZ with Dr. Meghan M Grace

This Apple-based podcast is entirely devoted to Gen-Z, with each episode covering a different aspect of this generation. Dr. Grace zooms in on aspects of Gen-Z life and culture, but also regularly invites Zoomers directly onto the program to give deeper insights. Looking for marketing tips, including how to attract the Zoomer consumer? Start with episode 33 “Marketing to Gen-Z.”

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2. The Gen Z Podcast with Josh Miller

What drives Gen Z? What makes them different from earlier generations? Josh Miller uses this Spotify-based podcast to talk about Gen-Z issues from climate change to consumerism. Many experts chime in, offering great perspectives. Looking for tips on direct selling to Gen-Z? Try episode 20 or if you’re wondering why businesses really need to take Gen-Z perspectives into account tune in to the brief intro episode here

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3. Trndsttrs

Their name might look like it’s missing a few vowels, but then again so does half of Gen-Z’s slang. Trndsttrs specializes in all things Gen-Z marketing. Their Spotify-based podcast includes great episodes on everything from Gen-Z dating to NFTs. Knit’s own CEO Aneesh Dhawan is featured in this episode, where he discusses common misconceptions about Gen-Z and his expectations for Gen-Z after the pandemic.

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4. Gen-Z and Friends with Ben Phillips

This Apple Podcast is devoted to entrepreneurs and investors who are working to shape Gen-Z. Interviews with key influencers feature prominently in these podcasts. He also interviews many Zoomers directly about what they’re looking for from businesses and marketing. Don’t know where to start? Check out Gen-Z vs Millennials featuring Douglas Boneparth.

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5. Imagen This with Jay Richards

This Apple Podcast features brief episodes, each averaging only 20 minutes long. Yet these glimpses into Gen-Z cut deep into marketing trends, social media, differences with older generations and more. Their most recent episode discusses the re-emergence of Tumblr, thanks to Gen-Z, and what it might mean for other social media sites.

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6. Money Talks Money Matters with Sean McHenry

This Spotify-based podcast calls itself the “holy grail of financial podcasts,” and is targeted both towards Zoomers directly and anyone who wants to market to Gen-Z. Interviews include many successful Zoomers and entrepreneurs.

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7. Enterprising Gen-Z with Sam Watson

This Spotify-based podcast interviews business leaders, social leaders, and other entrepreneurs about how to successfully engage with Gen-Z. Another podcast with shorter episodes, yet topics spanning everything from NFTs to starting an original tech company.

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8. Working with Gen-Z with Nikhil Raval

If you’re looking for clues on how to incorporate Zoomers into your business as either consumers or coworkers, this new Google podcast is a must. Raval discusses the key issues affecting Gen-Z today, what motivates them in work, shopping, and more.

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9. Gen Z Speaks

This Podcast covers far more than just business. A group of Zoomers discuss news, trends, and issues in this monthly podcast. Many of these episodes provide a strong insight into the Gen-Z perspective on many topics from the War in Ukraine to real estate in the Metaverse.

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10. The Native Digital + The Native Analog Show with Hannah Grady Williams

This Apple podcast has a fun set up where Zoomer and Gen-Z expert Williams interviews a different Millenial or older each episode. From culture to creativity, she and her guests dive into what makes Gen-Z unique and vital to the business world. Williams calls herself the “Gen-Z Ceo Advisor,” and with her insights on the generation this podcast should not be missed.

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That’s our list of ten great podcasts to listen to for insight on Gen-Z. And of course there’s many more insights right here at Knit, where we work hard to bring you the latest data and trends so you can connect with the generation that’s shaping tomorrow.

Of course, it’s great to hear experts’ opinions and insights on Gen Z, but wouldn’t you prefer to hear it directly from the source? Knit gives you access to over 60,000 Gen Z consumers to get direct feedback and opinions on your product and marketing initiatives. Interested in learning more? Click the button below to learn how Custom Gen Z Insights can help your team!

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