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Attract & retain Gen Z talent for the long haul

through Gen Z Voice of Consumer Insights

How Knit can help:

The new workforce – Gen Z – has different expectations of how brands attract their talents and keep them happy in their roles. You need to *quickly* adapt your culture and operations to attract the workforce of the future.

Knit provides on-demand access to over 60,000 Gen Z college students ready to provide crucial feedback on all your HR & Recruiting plans and ideas.

Gen Z is the future of the workforce.

But are you equipped to manage them?

Improve your recruiting & HR efforts, by better understanding the generation that’s shaking up the workplace.

The new way to engage & understand Gen Z

What’s setting Knit apart from other research providers

Direct Access to Gen Z college students

Knit boasts the largest nationwide panel of Gen Z college students (60,000+) enabling brands to conduct studies that are hyper-targeted to specific regions, campuses, majors, demographics, and more.

Quant + Qual Data, for the "What" + "Why"

Through a combination of quantitative surveys and qualitative tools like Knit’s Video Feedback Response solution and Focus Group Panels, companies can supplement a baseline understanding of Gen Z college students with deep, qualitative insights into their ideal employees.

Quick turnaround for agile Recruiting efforts

Knit’s highly-responsive, on-demand panel enables teams to conduct studies quickly to get the qual and quant data needed to answer their questions in minutes instead of months, while our analytics solutions help gather actionable insights instantaneously.

Research guiding the recruitment & management

of your organization’s Gen Z workforce

How you can use Knit to improve hiring & retaining Gen Z college students:

Hiring & Recruiting

Gather geo-targeted, position-specific, or market-wide data to uncover key insights on how to attract the best talent for each of your departments. Look into Gen Z’s opinions on areas like compensation, diversity initiatives, CSR and more.

Employee Experience

Dig deep into Gen Z’s corporate expectations for when they enter the workforce. Hear directly from college students nationwide on how your organization can better engage this new generation to keep their talents retained for the long haul.

Training, Management & Operations

Get direct feedback from Gen Z college students on how you can help them grow within their roles and careers. Get a better understanding of the tools and environment that they’re expecting to dive into to succeed in their roles.

Case Studies

Take a look into the success our corporate partners are having through the Knit Gen Z Insights Platform. From concept testing to market research, our partners are guiding more Gen Z-informed decisions through Knit.
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