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Statistics Snapshot

3 Things to Know About Gen Z Women & Online Shopping

We’ve had retail on the brain lately. It’s not like you can blame us, since we just wrapped up our massive 2022 Gen Z vs Millennial Apparel & Fashion Report. It’s pretty heavy on shopping insights, and it ought to be. Think about it: Gen Z and Millennials represent a combined 30 years of birthdays, representing 10,950 occasions to wear a birthday suit. And you can’t just walk around in those, except on certain beaches along the Riviera.

Ipso facto, lots of shopping, lots of shopping data, big honkin’ reports.

But we digress. What we’re trying to say is that after crunching all those numbers, we thought we’d take a little break by zooming in on a particular subset of those possible shoppers — female-identifying Gen Z clientele — and one particular subset of shopping destinations — the online kind — expand past apparel purchases, and see what we find. Now, doesn’t that sound relaxing? 

So, without further ado: get in loser*, we’re going shopping.

58.5% of Gen Z females have bought from a brand's website in the past 90 days
41.9% of Gen Z females said that they were very likely to purchase a product based on what they see read or hear on social media
92% of Gen Z gemales said that social media was very influential to their decision to purchase from a new brand for the first time
Nothing earth-shattering here: over half of female Gen Z shoppers have gone online shopping and ultimately purchased something. When it comes to what’s getting them to online storefronts in the first place, social media content acts as an important differentiator. If we learned anything from the aforementioned apparel purchasing report, it’s that Instagram has a universal appeal as a discovery and consideration tool for young buyers. But what about all that #sponsoredcontent?
There you have it. A little content tiger nap (who needs snacks, anyway?) to start the week off right. If this left you wanting more — and what nap doesn’t — hit that button below to get in touch to ask Gen Z some questions of your own.

*We’re sorry. You’re no loser. We love you all.

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