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Gen Z vs Millennial

Apparel & Fashion

Apparel & Fashion

2022 Report

2022 Report

Fashion & Apparel trends are changing at the speed of the internet (what exactly is #pearlcore again?) — and the clothing & apparel market is changing fast to keep pace. But who’s driving the change and how can your brand best adapt? Download this report for brand new youth consumer insights, learn what’s coming next for the industry, and discover what both Gen Z and Millennial’s favorite brands are across apparel categories.

What’s included:

🛒   Purchasing Insights: Find out how much youth consumers are spending on clothes & where they’re spending it.

👕  Styling Insights: Is this waistband elastic enough? A by-the-numbers look at how Gen Z and Millennial styles differ.

🏆   Gen Z’s Top Apparel Brands: 40+ brands that make up Gen Z and Millennial closets, and why they love them.

👨‍💻  Emerging Shopping Trends: How does Gen Z feel about AR / VR Try-On technology? What are Millennial’s thoughts on BNPL?

Take a peek inside the report:

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