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Gen Z Video Insights:

Money Management & Budgeting

Let us whisper these two words, “Generation Z.” What comes to mind? Hopefully, it’s no longer pre-teens or adolescents. Gen Z is entering adulthood and quickly becoming a substantial part of the US economy.

$44 billion in personal spending power? Yep, that’s them. But it doesn’t stop there. This generation directly influences up to $600 billion. Neglecting Gen Z is no longer an option. It’s time to know them inside and out. And that starts with digging into how they spend and manage their money – trends that are already shaking up industries like finance and fintech.

To help brands dig deeper into Gen Z’s grasp of their own dollars, we’re tapping into our 60,000 Gen Z consumer network so you can hear directly from the voices of Gen Z. Here are our Voice of Consumer Insights on: Gen Z’s Money Management & Budgeting.

What’s guiding Gen Z’s savings behaviors?


1. Tightening for Splurges

We heard frequent mentions of  near-sighted goals and of a tendency to “tighten” normal, unnecessary spending in order to save for bigger “splurges” – like trips, vacations & tech.

2. “Safe” & “Comfortable” Future

Growing up through the ’08 recession, many of Gen Z’s saving habits are geared around a “safe” future, and even though they may be young, it’s top-of-mind when allocating their income.

3. “Don’t touch me” Savings Accounts

We’ve seen Gen Z’s savings accounts also be set up as general emergency funds – which they often reference as “don’t touch me” savings accounts.

4. Savings for Immediate Needs 

  With a general aversion to debt, Gen Z saves a large portion of their income to cover immediate needs – like college, meals, transportation, etc – to better ensure a debt-free future as best they can.

How is Gen Z approaching budgeting?


1. Frequent Account “Health Checks”

2. Weekly Spend Journaling

3. Strict Rules + Couponing

Want to dig deeper into Gen Z’s spending patterns and the direct impact it’s placing on industries? Knit’s got you covered:

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