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Gen Z & Alcohol: Fresh Insights & Expert Opinions on Gen Z’s Alcohol Consumption

Is Gen Z rethinking drinking? Or are they just migrating to new flavors and alternatives? What’s driving their purchase decisions? Influencers? Ads?

Get answers to these questions and way more by downloading our Free Live Panel.In this session, we overview brand new Gen Z Alcohol consumption and purchasing insights, followed by a panel discussion with 3 Gen Z and Alcohol Experts, with experience guiding youth strategy for Constellation Brands, Guinness, Smirnoff, Seagram’s 7, Captain Morgan and more.

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The Gen Z Data we’ll cover:

Take a peek inside the report:

Report titled "Generation moderation?" on the cover you have two young adults with beer glasses drinking casually
Knit Gen Z Alcohol Report Example Page - Current Consumption
Knit Gen Z Alcohol Report Example Page - Post-Covid Drinking
Knit Gen Z Alcohol Report Example Page - Male Female Purchasing
Knit Gen Z Alcohol Report Example Page - Brands

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