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We make it easier to understand Gen Z

Knit provides you with instant access to your Gen Z think tank – so you can make confident decisions to capture the consumers of the future. Our panel, technology and team were built with Gen Z in their DNA, to make sure you’re equipped to adapt for this next generation of consumers.

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A bit more on Knit

Hear it straight from the team

“We frequently see major brands with an appetite to better understand Gen Z and the next generation of consumers. The data we’re able to provide empowers these organizations to minimize risks and drive intelligent marketing and product initiatives. We think of ourselves as an on-demand Think Tank of Gen Z consumer demographic data for brands. Our goal is to help these brands make more confident decisions to attract the consumers of the future.”

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Raahish Kalaria

Knit Co-Founder & CTO
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Insights for a new world

The “Why” behind Knit

We are entering a digital-native world. Today’s research methods are not built for this new reality where the behavior, perceptions, and attitudes of the next generation consumer changes fast – at the speed of the internet. The choice between “quant” or “qual” will no longer suffice. As Gen Z grows in importance at a global scale, our journey to rebuild how insights can fuel innovation starts there – with the consumers that are dead-set on changing the world and through new approaches equipped to handle the change.

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Experts at birth

Built by Gen Z

In typical Gen Z fashion, Knit was started in a college dorm room. Our founders (both Gen Z-ers themselves), had previously started and run some of the first Gen Z agencies before “Gen Z agencies” were even a thing. We’re on a mission to help bring the voice of our generation to our favorite brands. Gen Z is what we literally live and breath everyday and there is no one more passionate about helping brands understand this next generation than our team.

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