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Knit Gen Z Insights:

Build the content & platforms to capture the heart of Gen Z

with insights on the entertainment they crave.

How Knit can help:

Are you prepared for the future of media that’s being shaped by Gen Z? From video games, movies and TV, to music – Gen Z’s entertainment consumption is unlike anything we’ve seen from generations before. Are you leaning into their culture-defining tastes? Are you serving content when and where they want? 

Knit provides on-demand access to over 60,000 Gen Z consumers to answer these questions and provide crucial feedback on all your product development, content and marketing decisions.

Understanding Gen Z has never been more important or urgent

Create better products, content & marketing to capture the hearts of Gen Z consumers, by understanding this next generation.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my career, it’s that young people define our future — how we engage with content and technology, our relationships with each other, and what’s moving culture forward.”

Dawn Ostroff
Chief Content & Advertising Business Officer

Spotify Culture Next Report

The new way to engage & understand Gen Z

What’s setting Knit apart from
other research providers

Access to high LTV, Gen Z consumers

Knit boasts the largest nationwide panel of Gen Z enabling brands to conduct studies that are hyper-targeted to specific regions, genders, attributes and demographics.

Qualitative Data with Rich context & applications

Through a combination of quantitative surveys and qualitative tools like Knit’s Video Feedback Response solution and Focus Group Panels, brands can supplement a baseline understanding of their Gen Z consumer with deep, qualitative insights into their target audience.

Quick turnaround for agile innovation

Knit’s highly-responsive, on-demand panel enables brands to conduct studies quickly to get the qual and quant data needed to answer their questions in minutes instead of months.

How can you use Knit?

Knit empowers agencies to better market to Gen Z by gathering crucial consumer feedback through our Gen Z Insights Platform and Agile Video Feedback Solutions. We ensure your new products and marketing campaigns meet expectations at every stage.

Brand Strategy

Build a baseline understanding on Gen Z behaviors to drive your marketing and
campaign strategies.

Example Use Case:
Understand the genres and artists that Gen Z are most interested in

Concept Validation

Run a desirability test with Gen Z to get real-time feedback about your newest campaign or idea.

Example Use Case:
Get Gen Z’s early opinions on your 3 new potential streaming products

Go-to-Market Execution

Pit GTM concepts & creative against one another and get data on which channels to launch on

Example Use Case:
Test new ad creative for your newest campaign, before your launch

Case Studies

Take a look into the success our brand partners are having through the Knit Gen Z Insights Platform. From concept testing to market research, our partners are guiding more customer-centric decisions through Knit.

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