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NEW: Unparalleled speed-to-insight with Knit’s newest release of AI Contextual Analysis™ for VoC Video & OE Responses


Video Surveys.
AI-Powered Analysis.

Knit is an end-to-end Insights Platform combining the power of Quant + Video to help brands better understand their target consumers. 

Gather 1000’s of quant & video responses from our panel of over 5M consumers (aged 13-65) in as little as 48 hours.

Then let our AI platform do all the work – analyzing the hours and hours of videos instantly through GPT4-led thematic analysis, providing you auto-generated key takeaways, reports and highlight reels to socialize with your org. 

Trusted Video Research Provider for 100+ Brands

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Video, Analysis & 
Storytelling Solutions

Reach your exact audience through Knit’s 5M+ consumer panel, with custom screeners & termination questions built in based on your needs. Get data you can trust, thanks to our AI-powered respondent & video qualification, vetting respondents across 10+ key metrics.
Harness the power of Knit’s Quant + Video solutions to get the “what” and the “why” with every study. Our methodologies support 100+ quantitative question varieties, while combining the power of 30-90 sec Voice of Consumer asynchronous video responses to equip you with both hard data and real consumer stories to guide your strategies.
Analysis Tech
Collect true and deeper insights from your qual video responses instantly with the help of Knit’s GPT-4 powered AI Research Assistant. The Knit platform combines your quant and video data into one clean dataset and dashboard, allowing you to easily cut your quant data by themes from your voice of consumer videos or vice versa.
Knit Case Studies and data
How it works
Go from Data to Insights to Stories with Knit

Capture rich qualitative, video feedback from exactly who you want to speak to, in as little as 48 hours. With our AI Survey Generator & built-in respondent & quota qualifier, you can go from 3 sentences of “research objectives” to your survey fielded within hours.


With the power of Knit’s AI Research Assistant, you can uncover key insights and answers to your research objectives instantly. Built on GPT4-led thematic analysis, every report ensures you get real insight from your vast amounts of qual feedback, not just the key words that appear in videos.


Research doesn’t end once the data is analyzed, so Knit’s AI Story Assist preps your briefs and presentations instantly, generating written summaries of your study’s key findings to circulate with your team. Our no-code video editing and storytelling tools allow you to clip, compile and share powerful customer stories & showreels across your team, bringing the voice of your consumer to life.

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