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Valentine’s Day Check-In

Happy Valentine’s Day! Swap chocolates and flowers for something more meaningful — human connection! Can you think of someone in your tight Knit(😏) group of friends you’ve been meaning to catch up with? Sometimes that initial text can be ~uncomfy~ so we’ve crafted up one for you. Click down below to send one of our premade texts (just click the button, a text pulls up, select your contact and send)!

Hey (Insert Friend’s First Name)! I wanted to check-in with you and see how your 2021 was going? Hope we can catch up soon – I have so much to tell you and can’t wait to hear about how school is going! Hope you have a great week!!

Invite your friends to Knit:

Text code ‘KnitMember’

to  (512) 883-8185

Or click the button here to text a premade message:

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Enter your email below to access this video