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On-demand feedback from your own custom-built Gen Z panel

Get instant answers to your biggest Gen Z strategy questions and feedback on all your ideas – through Knit’s Gen Z Insights Platform.

How Knit can help:

There has never been a more crucial time to include Gen Z in your priorities. Accounting for 40% of the world’s population with influence to over $600 billion in spending power anually, getting feedback from this generation is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a need.

Knit provides on-demand access to over 1,000,000 Gen Z consumers ready to provide crucial feedback on all your product, marketing and strategy decisions.

Build your own Gen Z Panel with ease

Source the Gen Z panel of your dreams from Knit’s network of 1,000,000+ Gen Z consumers. Screen candidates based on interests, diversity, geo and more and ask them anything on-demand. If they’re not already in our panel, we’ll recruit them for you in no time.

Run nearly any form of research entirely on-demand

Survey your panel for rapid quantitative gut-checks or dig deeper into the “why” with qualitative Voice of Consumer video responses, virtual IDI’s and focus groups. From broader market research to concept testing and validation, feedback is just a few clicks away.

Make actionable decisions quicker than ever

Knit’s stack of analytics and reporting tools allows for automated analysis & transcription, key theme identification, and further raw data manipulation, instantly turning customer feedback into stories. Or, opt in to custom reporting to get help from your dedicated Knit Research Assistant.

From concept testing creative to gathering brand strategy insights, Knit provides custom research solutions allowing you to better understand and connect with Gen Z. Get media-rich feedback from 150+ members of your panel. Use it to gut-check a new product feature, generate ideas for new marketing campaigns, or benchmark your solution against a competitor’s.

Subscriptions and Project-based studies available. Schedule a demo to learn more.

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