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More opportunities for your org members to


Knit is the social good platform that texts your org members opportunities to raise money and do good.

Excuse me, ma’am…

What is Knit?

Knit was started by college students to help organizations like Dance Marathon, Camp Kessem, Sororities and more raise money for the causes they care about. We partner with brands to provide students sponsored opportunities to fundraise for a cause of their choice (like your organization).

So how do I raise money?

Opportunities to Fundraise

Brands are always looking to better understand college students. Knit partners with those brands to run surveys within our student network. By participating in a survey, Knit members raise money for their student orgs!

5 Minute Surveys

The most popular opportunities you’ll get from brands are typically 15-20 question surveys that take around 5 min to complete. 5 minutes of answering quick questions generally raises $5!

60 Sec Video Responses

Some brands want to hear your thoughts and opinions and may send a video survey to take. This one is really quick and worth the effort. Just submit a 60-90 sec vid response and raise $5-15!

Q&A Sessions

Join 3-5 additional college students and a Knit Team member for a 30-60 min open discussion on a particular topic. It’s like a focus group, but a bit more casual. And guess what… this one raises between $30-60!

Instagram Fundraising: Posts

Get free swag or products (like sodas, snacks and more) shipped directly to you or your org! Take a pic featuring that product, post it to the ‘gram and Boom, you just raised $30!

Instagram Fundraising: Stories

You know what’s better than free products? Free products and fundraising! Get free samples delivered your way, post it on your IG story and raise $$ immediately.

Product Reviews & Feedback

You guessed it – More samples coming your way! Many brands just wanna hear the honest opinions of college students. So give that new snack/drink a taste and send back a vid of your thoughts on things like taste, packaging and more!

Become a Knit Member to start fundraising today:

Text code ‘KnitMember’

to  (512) 883-8185

Or click the button here to send a text right away:

Everything Knit has to offer…

Raise money for causes you care about

Share your opinions with our brand partners via surveys, video submissions, or Q&A sessions and raise money for good causes, like social justice, environmental preservation, your student organization and more.

Change the world one text at a time

A bit more about Knit’s “Content for good”

Activities and prompts: Things to do that better yourself, your peers, or the world around you like journaling, texting your friends, or shopping local

Community happenings: Get you and your friends involved in your own backyard! We’ll include campus and local events that you can participate in to support your community

Educational topics: Important and relevant information that you can use to better yourself and your community

Get your student org & peers involved in doing good

Engage your org members or your entire campus through more opportunities to fundraise and Knit’s “content for good.”

Knit Member Spotlight

“I got involved in Knit through Camp Kesem at UH, and this was one of the coolest fundraisers we were able to run as a chapter! I particularly liked the way this initiative was centered around social good and supporting our local communities. In these unprecedented times, the simple fundraising efforts from Knit were very accessible and did a great job of helping us serve our communities while also helping our organization. I can’t wait to see how our campus and more campuses across the country adopt this further!”

Yash H.

Camp Kesem
University of Houston

Well now I’ve got questions…

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I fundraise through Knit?

We try our best to make sure each member gets at least one fundraising opportunity a month. These typically range from $5-15, but some can raise as much as $60. 😲 All of these donations add up for your org, so the more people in your org that sign up, the better. However, we do have limited opportunities and donations to go around, so we make sure the most engaged members always get first dibs.

Where does the donation money go?

Knit will send your 💰💰 straight to you! From there, you’ll donate your sum to your favorite good cause or to your student organization. If you aren’t sure how to transfer funds, hit up your org leader or text Knit for some tips!

How does Knit send donation money?

We’ll send you the donation money via PayPal or Venmo! All we need is your phone number and you’ll receive the donation sum within 2 – 3 business days.

Do we have to participate in every opportunity to fundraise?

Not at all! We let members know how long each opportunity takes, how much they can raise, and what’s entailed each time we send a new one out. Members can pass on any opportunity they’re not comfortable with or are too busy for, but again, the most engaged members always get first dibs on the next fundraising opp…  💸

What does Knit do with video submissions, survey answers, etc.?

By sharing your opinions with Knit and its brand partner, you give permission to use them for research, marketing, and other purposes. These videos may be shared publicly. Learn more by checking out our terms of service.

When can we expect texts to come in?

Once a member subscribes, they’ll get an immediate intro text and onboarding survey. When they wrap up that survey, they’re then “in” the Knit program and will get some pretty 🔥 “do good” content every other week. Our fundraising opportunities are all driven by brands wanting to run studies so those vary in frequency. We do our best to get you one of these a month though. 🤝

How often can I expect Knit texts?

We try to send our “do good” content about every other week. Our fundraising opportunities are all driven by brands wanting to run studies so those vary in frequency. We do our best to get you one of these a month though. 🤝

How do we stop receiving texts?

You can opt-out at any time by texting “STOP” 🛑  However, once you do unsubscribe, you’re unsubscribed from everything… No more fundraising opps. A clean break. 💔

Become a Knit Member to start fundraising today:

Text code ‘KnitMember’

to (512) 883-8185

Or click the button here to send a text right away:

Questions? Wanna learn more?

Text us anytime. Shoot us question. Flirt a bit if you want… My mom’s hoping I’ll meet someone nice. I’ll teach you her spaghetti recipe.. ILY.

(512) 883-8185

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