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PurPics is now Knit!

Knit makes fundraising and doing good quick and easy by texting college students inspiring content and sponsored fundraising opportunities.

Well now I’ve got questions…

Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen to current PurPics fundraisers?

If you’re currently involved in an active PurPics fundraiser or campaign, no worries! We’ll still be working with you to fulfill that fundraiser. You can expect to still hear from us from the same contact info that we were last chatting with you on.

Is PurPics gone forever?

We’re sad to say we’re closing the door on PurPics for good…. But it’s only because we’re on to new an better things with Knit! Knit is committed to making fundraising easier than ever before (even more so than PurPics)!

We’ve also made a commitment to make the world a better place. That’s why with your help, we’ll be doing a little good every day through our “content for good.” The biggest feedback we got from our PurPics users was that they just wanted to always do more, so we listened and delivered! Hope you love it!

How is Knit fundraising different from PurPics fundraising?

Not much has changed!

Knit still allows students to fundraise for causes they care about – whether it be their student orgs or causes like social justice and more. Except now, we send you the money direct so you can get instant access to the funds that you personally raise!

We also have all the same fundraising opportunities! However, with the move to Knit, we’re trying to focus more on the easiest ways to fundraise for our members, like 5 minute surveys. So while we do have a few Instagram fundraisers in the works, most opportunities that you’ll see will be surveys.

Questions? Wanna learn more?

Text us anytime. Shoot us question. Flirt a bit if you want… My mom’s hoping I’ll meet someone nice. I’ll teach you her spaghetti recipe.. ILY.

(512) 883-8185

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