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NEW: Unparalleled speed-to-insight with Knit’s newest release of AI Contextual Analysis™ for VoC Video & OE Responses

Not sure how to record your screen?

Check out this quick tutorial:

1. Click the log in button for the Exploria App

2. Enter your sign in details

3. Enter details for your next vacation

4. Text us back your video for next steps

Remember – as you walk through this mission- talk through what you are thinking! 

  • What’s going through your mind as you go through the sign up process? The booking process?
  • What don’t you like about the product?
  • What do you like about the product?
  • Can you think of a way we could make the product easier to use?

Are you ready?

Record your screen now, click this link and begin!

If you have a question at any time…

Just text us!

(512) 883-8185