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JBL gathers weekly Gen Z feedback to optimize social & creative content


Closing in on budgeting and production deadlines, JBL needed validation on concept direction
before further investing resources into its branded content series. To validate their direction, they wanted to compare an existing content series, “Sounds of the City,” with a newer content series, “Sonic Stories,” with the goal of specifically understanding which content concept is most attractive to Gen Z consumers and why.

Through a combination of quick-turn quant
and qual research with Knit, JBL’s goals were to:

👍   Identify general content preferences and reactions (likes, dislikes)

⏱️   Collect content length feedback

💡   Get new ideas for who else should be featured in future videos

How we helped

Concept Testing

In order to efficiently concept test creative and ensure each creative execution was fully vetted for Gen Z’s perceptions, each respondent was asked to:
👀   Watch each 60 sec video of all 4 concepts

🏆   Rank video preferences head-to-head as well as collectively within the full set

🎥   Provide qualitative video feedback on each video concept

🤩   Provide additional athlete and celebrity preferences for future video productions

By the numbers

Gen Z Respondents

VoC Videos Collected

Day turnaround

What we delivered

JBL’s campaign gathered in-depth insights on how Gen Z perceives each video concept, along with qualitative feedback to incorporate into future video productions.

Key Insights Uncovered

In order to efficiently concept test creative and ensure each creative execution was fully vetted for Gen Z’s perceptions, each respondent was asked to:

Example VoC Videos Collected:

The Results

In just 4 days, Knit was able to gather rich, quant + qual insights from a sample fully representative of the national Gen Z population to drive future development of JBL’s video content series.

The key insights provided led JBL to more efficiently allocate staff and budget resources to winning concepts, including:

📹   Further developing and expanding the winning video content series

✂️   Cutting less desirable video elements from post-production to lower production costs

👨‍🎤   Efficiently aligning and scheduling Gen Z’s most desired persons for future video productions

Check out the final videos that JBL launched!

Partner Feedback

“We needed a quick-turn solution to get real, unfiltered, Gen Z consumer feedback on various projects related to launching our new JBL brand positioning. Because this was a big, high priority project we needed agile responses so we could learn and adjust as we built out our creative and messaging planning for 2022. Knit provided that much needed agility and will continue to be useful as we test new creative moving forward.”
Ammar Mahmood

Global Brand & Marketing Strategy, Harman International - JBL

Continuous Feedback

After successful studies conducted through the Knit platform, Harman and JBL now leverage Knit’s platform to gut-check major marketing decisions and campaigns with Gen Z, ongoing.

The team has further adopted the Knit platform to concept test logos, brand identity, video content and more to ensure they’re effectively reaching and resonating with this next generation of consumers.

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