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Betting Habits

What Influences Drive Gen Z & Millennials Betting Habits?

Is it the thrill of the win, the excitement of taking risks, or something else entirely? What drives the betting habits of Gen and Millennials? Let’s dive into the world of betting habits of these two generations. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn a thing or two that’ll help you win big at the next game night!

How do Gen Z and Millennials place sports bets?

Get ready to put your money where your phone is! When it comes to sports betting, technology has changed the game. With the click of a button, you can bet on your favorite team without ever leaving your couch. According to recent stats, both Millennials and Gen Zers prefer to place their bets on mobile apps, with 90% and 84%, respectively, saying it’s their go-to. Websites come in second place, but let’s face it, nothing beats the convenience of having the power to make a bet with just a swipe of your finger. 

The rest of the generations still enjoy the thrill of in-person betting, with some opting for a casino or sports stadium experience.

Increased “buzz” surrounding sporting events

When social media and TV generate “buzz” around a game, it can make or break the experience for fans and bettors alike.

  • While almost half of millennials and a third of Gen Zers aren’t easily swayed by “buzz,” 62% of Zoomers and 50% of millennials admit it makes them bet a little more.
  • Meanwhile, 5% of Gen Zers and 2% of millennials say “buzz” can actually make them bet less.

So whether you’re riding the hype train or taking a more measured approach, one thing’s for sure: “buzz” can be a game-changer.

The effects of social media accounts on betting

Get ready to score with this fun sports betting fact! It turns out that the “buzz” around a sporting event can have a huge impact on whether or not millennials and Gen Zers place bets. But where does this buzz come from, and who is creating it?

Sports accounts on social media like ESPN and Sports Center have the biggest impact, with 86% of millennials and 78% of Gen Zers being influenced by their posts. 

But that’s not all – family and friends also play a role, with 45% of millennials and 43% of Gen Zers being swayed by their social media posts.

And while millennials are more likely to be impacted by social posts from influencers and celebrities, Gen Z is less likely to follow suit. In fact, only 43% of Gen Zers are influenced by these posts, compared to 59% of millennials. 

So the next time you’re feeling the buzz, remember that it’s not just about the game – it’s about who’s talking about it!

How do sporting events affect Gen Z and Millennials betting habits?

Sporting events, such as the Super Bowl, have a fairly high influence on sports betting with millennials taking more of an impact. 59% of millennials are likely to bet A LOT more during a big sporting event than 31% of Gen Z. And 65% of Gen Z is likely to bet just A LITTLE more during a sporting event while 38% of millennials bet just a little more during a big sporting event. This once again shows how easier it is to influence millennials over Gen Z.

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