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Gen Z Sports Panel:

Growing your Gen Z Fandom

through Social & Digital Channels

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About the Event

Get access to never-before-seen Gen Z Insights on this generation’s expectations and preferences when engaging with the sports industry on social media and beyond.

Also tune in for a full panel discussion between 4 Gen Z Sports Marketing experts, with campaign experience working with Nike, Olympic Games, World Series and more. (More info below)

More on the event…

Exclusive Gen Z Sports Insights

  • Overview of Knit’s firsthand insights on how Sports Franchises can best engage Gen Z on social and digital channels, including:
    – What new channels should you be leveraging?
    – What type of content does Gen Z prefer?
    – Who is currently “winning” with Gen Z on social?

Panel Discussion with 4 Sports Marketing Experts 

  • Open discussion with 4 leading Sports Marketing Experts – with 30+ years experience with brands like Nike, Coca Cola, Uber and more – on their recent successes engaging Gen Z through various social & digital campaigns.

In-Depth Q&A with Real Gen Z Sports Fans

  • Hear directly from our panel of Gen Z consumers on the brand and sports accounts that they’re currently following on social and how your brand can best adapt.

Your Panel Members Include…

Bryant Kohler

Studio Executive,
Conscious Minds Studios

Bryant is a brand strategy and creative marketing executive with over 10 years of experience in sports business and brand storytelling. He spent the first half of his career at Adidas and Nike, leading brand campaigns and digital marketing. He has spent the past 5 years as a partner at Conscious Minds, building creative studios and producing powerful, engaging content that the consumer cares about.

Robby Egan

Head of Strategy & Audience,
Conscious Minds Studios

Robby heads up Strategy and Audience at Conscious Minds, building a discipline that bridges the gap between brand communications and consumer needs & desires, to help brands serve audiences. Before arriving at CM, Robby sharpened his sword in brand strategy and digital media at agencies in New York and Portland, working on the likes of Nike, State Farm + NBA, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Major League Baseball, and the Brooklyn Nets.

Mark Beal

Gen Z Expert, Author, Professor & Keynote Speaker

Before authoring his most recent book, Engaging Gen Z, Mark Beal served as a public relations practitioner and marketer for more than 25 years, developing and executing public relations campaigns for category leading companies and brands around such major sports and entertainment platforms as the Olympic Games, Super Bowl, World Series, NCAA March Madness, US Open Tennis and The Rolling Stones.

He collaborates daily with Gen Z as a full-time professor of practice in public relations in the Rutgers University School of Communication & Information.

Aneesh Dhawan

Knit CEO & Gen Z Expert and Entrepeneur

Aneesh Dhawan is the current CEO and Founder of Knit, a Gen Z intelligence platform. At the age of 16, Aneesh launched his first company, a cause-marketing agency called Feed A Friend. Two years later he started his current venture, Knit, the platform helping brands like Vita Coco, Soylent, and Ecolab engage and understand the next generation of consumers. Aneesh has grown the company from a dorm room project to a Techstars-backed, technology company with over $2M in venture funding and a team of 15.

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