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Gen Z Officially Surpasses Millennials in Search Volume

Gen Z Officially Surpasses Millennials in Search Volume

As Brands Key In On Next Generation

Toilet paper shortages.

The Suez Canal blockage.

The emergence of Gen Z.

There haven’t been many other hotter topics over the past year, with the latter taking over countless headlines, as this next generation matures into the most important consumer segment today.

Making up 40% of the world’s consumer population already and influencing over $600M in buying power, brands everywhere are starting to pay attention to this next generation.

After a year of headlines that include “Gen Z is leading an evolution in shopping that could kill brands as we know them (BusinessInsider)” in addition to “Gen Z is shaking up gender norms and brands need to be dialed in as priorities shift (Adweek)” and our favorite, “Are Gen Z really killing off brussel sprouts? (DailyMail)” we thought it’s time to reflect on just how explosive the focus on this generation has become this past year.

And there’s one figure that captures how both brands and the media are lasering in their focus and efforts on this next generation of consumers:

March 2020 marked the first time that “Gen Z” surpassed “Millennials” in Google search volume.

Google Trends Search Term Data: Millenials vs Gen Z, Jan 2020 – Jan 2021

You care more about Gen Z. Your competitors care more. And your campaigns and product lines need them more than ever.

Consumer-facing companies across the US are leaning into this next generation for answers on how they’ll survive transformations across their industries. They’re seeking data across any source they can get.

It’s great to hear about the top social platforms where Gen Z is spending their time day-to-day. It helps to know how Gen Z is fairing financially versus other generations.

But does that answer whether they have an appetite for your newest product development? Will those figures tell you whether your new marketing campaign that you invested hundreds of thousands in will fall flat?

That’s why we’re here. Why not hear directly from this generation yourself? Why not get the questions you want answered addressed directly by the generation that now matters most?

Knit‘s always here for you. Now and in the future. To make sure you’re building for the future.

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