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Gen Z Doesn’t Want to Work for You.

Here’s how to change that.

As a forward-thinking HR leader, you’ve invested in campus recruiting, bolstered your compensation packages, and implemented flexible work initiatives to attract the top graduating talent for your organization. But how can you be certain all of that time, money, and manpower you’ve invested is resonating with Gen Z — the generation that is said to be shaking up the workplace and will account for as much as 36% of the workforce by the end of 2021?


Things to Know About Gen Z Professionals…


This generation has lived through several once-in-a-lifetime events before many of them were even old enough to drink. Because of that, they have developed a unique set of views and preferences when it comes to the way they think about work and the role it plays in their lives.

Compared to other generations they’re remarkably practical and money-minded

  • 7/10 of those surveyed described salary as their top work motivator, the same number also put health insurance as their top workplace “must-have.”
  • 76% of Gen Z respondents described themselves as responsible for driving their own careers.
  • Meanwhile, 58% said they’d be willing to work nights and weekends for higher pay.

These survey results suggest that Gen Z professionals will be a valuable asset to their employers. So what can you and your organization do to ensure your recruiting, hiring, and retaining the top incoming talent?

While salary is important to this group, it’s not the only thing driving them to work hard:

  • 74% rank purpose ahead of a paycheck (vs. 70% of millennials, 66% of Gen X and 67% of Boomer respondents).
  • Nearly half (42%) said they want to have their own business (10 percentage points higher than all other working generations surveyed)

Not only is Gen Z composed of hard-working professionals ready to drive value to their future employers, but they are also mission-driven and entrepreneurial. Are your HR initiatives built to provide this new workforce with the resources and career development they expect?

How Knit Delivers Gen Z Insights to Help Optimize Enterprise-level Recruiting & HR Initiatives


It’s clear this new Gen Z workforce isn’t much like their counterparts before them. (In fact, it may be time to trade out the open floorplan office spaces for work-from-home opportunities.)

But how will you be able to gather the insights you need to make informed decisions and drive growth for both your organization and employees?

Boasting the largest nationwide panel of Gen Z college students, Knit delivers recruiting, hiring, training, and retention insights to our partnered brands — allowing them to position their HR departments as strategic business partners who are equipped to drive long-term growth opportunities.

Knit provides on-demand access to over 60,000 Gen Z college students ready to provide crucial feedback on all your HR & Recruiting plans and ideas.

Agile-Research Delivers Insights Quickly & Drives Informed Decision Making

Hiring & Recruiting
Gather geo-targeted, position-specific, or market-wide data to uncover key insights on how to attract the best talent for each of your departments. Look into Gen Z’s opinions on areas like compensation, diversity initiatives, CSR, and more.

Employee Experience
Dig deep into Gen Z’s corporate expectations for when they enter the workforce. Hear directly from college students nationwide on how your organization can better engage this new generation to keep their talents retained for the long haul.

Training, Management, and Operations
Get direct feedback from Gen Z college students on how you can help them grow within their roles and careers. Get a better understanding of the tools and environment that they’re expecting to dive into to succeed in their roles.

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