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Custom Gen Z Research

Custom Gen Z Research

Get instant answers to your biggest Gen Z strategy questions and feedback on all your ideas – through Knit’s Gen Z Insights Platform.

💡  Source your study’s Gen Z panel from Knit’s network of 1,000,000+ Gen Z consumers and screen candidates based on interests, diversity, geo and more.

💡  Build your quant or qual study to fit your research needs, including: Voice of Consumer video responses, virtual IDI’s and focus groups.

💡  Get answers to your biggest questions in as little as 24 hours to analyze live in Knit’s Dashboard or opt in for custom reporting from your dedicated Knit Research Assistant.

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The Nation’s Largest Gen Z Panel:

Gen Z Consumers

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for 50+ Brands

Have a burning question about Gen Z?

From broader market research to concept testing and validation, Gen Z feedback is just a few clicks away.

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