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Launch more successful products through Gen Z, Voice of Consumer Videos

Knit empowers brands to successfully develop and market new products by gathering crucial feedback through our Gen Z Insights Platform and Agile Video Feedback Solutions.

Trusted Partner of 50+ Leading Brands

Understanding Gen Z has never been more important or urgent for CPG innovation

» Gen Z already accounts for 40% of the world’s consumer population (source)

» 45% of CPG Early Adopters skew Gen Z (source)

» CPG Brands will spend $130B+ marketing products to Gen Z consumers by 2023 (source)

Reduce the risk of your next product launch, by understanding the generation that matters most.

The Quant & Qual Insights Solution

Built for CPG Innovation

For successful brands to survive, speaking to your customers is key, and because of that, research providers have become a dime a dozen. But within Knit’s DNA is a makeup of 3 key elements making our platform invaluable to brands worldwide.

Access to your Gen Z early-adopters

Knit boasts the largest nationwide panel of Gen Z, college students enabling brands to conduct studies that are hyper-targeted to specific campuses, attributes and demographics.

Quick turnaround for agile innovation

Knit’s highly-responsive panel (averaging >60% response rate) enables brands to conduct studies quickly to get the qual and quant data needed to answer their questions in minutes instead of months.

Qualitative Data with Rich context & applications

Through a combination of quantitative surveys and qualitative tools like Knit’s Video Feedback Response solution and Focus Group Panels, brands can supplement a baseline understanding of their Gen Z consumer with deep, qualitative insights into their target audience.

Platform Features Driving Results

Video Feedback Responses

Qual Insights

Get access to real in-the-moment opinions, understand behaviors, and hear student stories through 30-90 second video responses, at a fraction of the time and cost of focus groups and interviews.

Key Use Cases: Concept Testing,  In-Home Use Tests, In-Home Video Research

Programmatic Surveys

Quant Insights

Launch custom quantitative studies at any scale, delivered to your specified demographic criteria, for when you need concrete numbers to influence decisions.

Key Use Cases: Market Research, Pulse Reports

Real-Time Response Analytics Dashboards

Video Analytics & Robust Quant Reporting

Turn your data into actionable insights through our one-stop-shop dashboard. Access your study’s latest insights, automatically updated in real-time in your campaign dashboard. Automated transcription, video/text analytics, and downloadable reports take the pain out of sorting through data, so you can spend less time searching for answers, and more time making decisions.

Case Studies

Take a look into the success our brand partners are having through the Knit Gen Z Insights Platform. From concept testing to market research, our partners are guiding more customer-centric decisions through Knit.

Let the Voice of your Gen Z Consumer drive every stage of the product development process

The Voice of the Consumer is lacking in CPG product development. Only 40% of CPG brands talk to consumers during product development, despite multiple opportunities to do so. Harness the power of this generation for the entirety of your product lifecycle, through Knit’s Gen Z Insights Platform.

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