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Core Spaces answers key design questions during property due diligence through campus-specific study

The Challenge

In preparation of a new property development, Core Spaces was interested in learning more about living preferences from students at their target campus, in order to build a unique edge in the market.

Knit was able to offer a solution to quickly and easily carry out due diligence on the new property launch in a matter of weeks.

Key Questions Needing Answers

Unit Layouts & Pricing

How do students perceive specific unit layouts?

Parking Perceptions

What are renter perceptions regarding remote parking?

Lifestyle Programming

Are upsold lifestyle programs attractive to prospective renters?

By The Numbers

How Knit delivered, big time…

Qualified Responses

Video Responses

How We Helped

Representative Sampling of their Target Campus

Knit tapped its network to deliver on the hyperlocal size, scale, and distribution needed to ensure that Core Spaces would obtain a desired representative audience sample, specific to their targeted campus.
Diversified respondent collection was crucial to ensuring findings were representative of the college market perceptions, as Core Spaces had yet to establish an ideal renter profile for their build.

Deep Quantitative Data for Baseline Setting

To gather a wholistic understanding of the upcoming development market, Knit designed the survey to lead with quant data. The quantitative survey data collected helped guide deep actionable insights to shape property pricing, programming, construction and more by setting a baseline of renter perceptions and behaviors to understand market differentiations versus previous development markets

Qual Video Responses for Raw Feedback

The major goal of the Core Spaces study was to gather insights into how the local college community viewed Core Spaces new unit concept and along with a thorough understanding of their parking preferences. In order to better uncover deep customer perceptions, Knit proposed launching qualitative video surveys to gather truthful insights. 96 total respondents recorded 30+ sec videos documenting their thoughts on:

1. Willingness to live in the new unit type
2. Key unit selling points and detractors
3. Rent and pricing expectations
4. Driving and parking behaviors

Clear, Actionable Data & Reporting

Beyond providing real-time reporting on respondents, Knit provided the Core Spaces  team with templated charts and data prioritized to display the most actionable insights. Knowing the Core Spaces team relied heavily on organizational buy-in, deliverables were handed over in both raw formats and in editable templates to allow for further manipulation and storytelling.


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