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Cargill innovation team collects insights for new food locker system

The Challenge

Approaching the launch of Chekt, Cargill’s new food locker system, the innovation team at Cargill wanted to dive deeper into Gen Z’s perceptions and desirability for the food locker concept.  Through Chekt lockers, consumers can place mobile orders, bypass lines, and pick up food from touchless, temperature-optimized lockers. To both guide and validate the marketing strategies of this new system, Cargill launched a study with Knit to gather quant and qual feedback directly from Gen Z students within their pilot target markets.

Custom Panel Segmentation

Hoping to gather insights from core target markets, Cargill prioritized geographical segmentation for their study: undergraduate students in metropolitan areas including Los Angeles, San Diego, Boston, Chicago, and Tampa.


Cargilll enhanced it’s understanding of Gen Z consumers with qual video responses by getting a more contextual understanding of the “why” behind Gen Z’s perceptions and desirability of the food locker concept.

By The Numbers

How Knit delivered, big time…

QUAL Videos Responses

Key Target Markets

How We Helped

Qual Video Responses Validating Marketing Value Props

Through Knit’s voice of consumer videos, Cargill was able to gather rich insights to validate Chekt’s value proposition. Benefits to the customer included by passing food lines to reduce long wait times, increasing availability for dining after-hours, and increased safety.

Qual Context Sheds Light On Customer Hesitations

Key to Chekt’s success on campus is not only understanding what attracts students to the idea of food lockers, but also understanding what deters them from giving it a try. Through further qualitative feedback, the Cargill team was able to understand why 13% of students reported they would not order from a food locker – including lack of convenience, skeptism of food freshness, the social aspect of meal time and the transparency around food freshness.

Powerful Analytics Tool for Instant Analysis and Easy Sharing

As Cargill’s study was fielded, respondent submissions automatically updated in real-time in their campaign dashboard. Automated video transcription enabled Cargill’s marketing strategy leads to analyze respondent feedback and pull quotes for quote libraries and sales pitch decks.

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