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CA Ventures enters new biz pitch, showcasing expertise through campus-specific Gen Z persona development

The Challenge

Quickly approaching an upcoming new business pitch for the management of a new student housing development, CA Ventures approached Knit with the purpose of gathering insights to accomplish two goals during their pitch:

1. Prove comprehensive knowledge of Gen Z renters in the new development’s market through collecting primary data directly from Gen Z consumers, including video feedback from prospective renters
2. Boost pitch storytelling through video responses directly from local college students

Goal Fulfilled in under 1 Week

Within 1 week of the survey launch, the Knit user network fulfilled the full response target determined by the initial SOW, driving over 135 quant & qual responses from the targeted local Gen Z community.

Qualified Responses

How We Helped

Optimized Surveys for Persona Development & Pitch Storytelling

In order to prove a thorough understanding of renters in the new development’s market for CA Ventures’ pitch, Knit helped optimize the client’s surveys to ensure results would lead to clear-cut data optimized in defining 3-5 renter profiles. Questions were created to allow for bucketed persona development, by which to cut renter behaviors & perception data captured in future questions. The Knit team also introduced multiple formats of video response questions to map alongside personas created, to add visual “storytelling” from the voice of real renters, to be leveraged during the new biz pitch.

Uncovered Quant & Qual Findings on the New Development

Key to driving a successful new biz pitch, CA Ventures deemed it necessary to prove an understanding of local renters’ perceptions around the up-and-coming property development. Knit successfully delivered quant & qual data to drive insights on areas to highlight in marketing and leasing efforts, along with areas needing improvement through the contracted management of the property.

Creation of 3 Localized Renter Personas

Looking to establish a comprehensive knowledge of local renters (and thus prove it’s ability to lease up the new property), CA Ventures sought out data that would lead to the creation of renter personas representative of the campus’ student body. Based on respondent data, the Knit team successfully guided the creation of 3 key personas to later be used in property marketing efforts. Persona breakdowns included peer & leasing influence, social tendencies, general interest breakdowns, and leasing/property importance rankings for each persona developed.

Boosted Pitch Storytelling through Video Responses

In order to bring each created persona to life within the new biz pitch, Knit users provided 30-90 sec videos detailing their renting and leasing preferences. Videos were mapped to each persona and allowed for true visual and audio representation of the data collected during the research process.

The Results

Acknowledging the study and insights provided as a huge success, CA Ventures entered its pitch leveraging the data collected to prove its knowledge of the local rental market. The data presented proved comprehensive and robust, not only assisting in the pitch decision-making process, but it also proved viable in the implementation of marketing and leasing processes for the new development.

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