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2022 Research Report

2022 Research Report

Gen Z’s Brutal Feedback on Your Marketing

How’d your last big marketing campaign fare with Gen Z? Based on our data – not great. Gen Z has a unique relationship with brands and marketing that skews skeptic and defies the strategies that dominated the past decade. Download our free report to find out what this generation has to say about even the best brand’s marketing out there & what you can do to win with Gen Z.

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Get answers to questions like:


Why do the campaigns you spend months planning end up failing? (And what you can do to change that?)

👎  What’s the #1 thing your marketing does wrong that turns Gen Z off of your brand?
Is your brand at risk of being “canceled” by Gen Z?
🔥Where do the world’s most recognizable brands land on Gen Z’s “canceled to crushing it” spectrum?

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