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2022 Research

Youth Metaverse & NFT Report

Gen Z vs Millennials

How is Gen Z influencing the landscape of the Metaverse & NFT spaces? What are their expectations of brands to enter each space? Download our free report for fresh insights on Gen Z and Millennial Metaverse & NFT preferences, appetite, and the trends they’re influencing in the space

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Get answers to questions like:

πŸ’‘  How are both Gen Z & Millennials using the Metaverse today?

πŸ’‘  Which brands do Gen Z want to see enter the Metaverse most?

πŸ’‘  What do these generations think the long term impact and “staying power” of these digital technologies will be?

πŸ’‘  What experiences and products do Gen Z want to see brands develop in the NFT and Metaverse worlds?

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