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Research Report & Panel Recording

Research Report & Panel Recording

Gen Z’s Thoughts on CSR & Sustainability in Sports

Gen Z is notorious for being socially conscious and holding brands accountable on the topics they care about. But what are the thoughts and expectations they place on the sports world related to CSR & sustainability? Download our free report to find out what this generation wants out of their favorite sports teams, leagues, venues and more in the CSR category.
Report & Recording initially shared at the
2022 Green Sports Alliance Summit

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Get answers to questions like:

♻️  What are the most important social and sustainability issues on Gen Z’s minds?

♻️ What does Gen Z want most from sports teams, arenas and even athletes in regards to social initiatives?

♻️  What does Gen Z think of most when they hear “climate friendly initiatives?”

♻️  What are the top 3 things Gen Z recommends brands action on now?

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