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Fundraise with Sidral Mundet this summer!

as easy as taking a sip & posting a pic

Get all the answers to your questions on how Knit makes fundraising easy, including:

  1. How to get your student organization involved in this fundraiser
  2. Instagram post requirements
  3. Frequently asked questions

Ummm, how’s this work?

How to participte

1. Once you sign your org up, we’ll text you to finalize things and determine the timeline of your fundraiser (aka you’ll let us know when you need the final donation!)

2. You’ll then have your members sign up to participate and get free Sidral Mundet shipped directly to them. Don’t worry — Knit will give you a sign up survey to share around and put in all of your groups (text, GroupMe, FB groups) as well as super easy graphics to share at your next org meeting.

3. When your shipments are on the way your members will get a text and you’ll also hear from us with how many members signed up! Once shipments start arriving, you and your members will text Knit to let us know you got the Mundet, and you’ll get a message with information to A) take a bomb IG pic and B) post your pic through a Knit link to your Instagram.

Why is it important to post through the Knit link? It’s easy! This is how Knit keeps track of all of the posts and credits your organization for the appropriate donation. 

4. Receive $30 for every approved photo!!! Donations are paid out in one lump sum to the org leader (you). Check out the FAQ below to see how.

What qualifies a photo as approved? Scroll down, my friend. ⬇

Interested in fundraising with Knit?

Let’s get you some moneeyyyy 💸

Instagram Post Requirements

Posts must follow all of the below requirements to be approved and receive donation credit.

  • The Mundet bottle must be OPEN (ie the bottle cap is off in your pic)
  • The Sidral Mundet label should be clearly visible!!
  • Photo must feature at least 1 human (yes, furry friends are welcome but make sure there’s a person in the pic!)
  • Photo should be well lit, not dark, and not blurry (Knit tip: The best lighting is usually outdoors🌞)
  • Tag @sidralmundet in the image and the caption
  • Do not feature or imply any explicit content in the image or caption.
  • Only 1 post per Instagram account, no “Finstas”
  • Every photo must be different (so if you do a photo shoot make sure everyone posts different photos!)
  • Instagram carousels, boomerangs, or videos are welcome! Just make sure if you choose a carousel that the Sidral Mundet photo is the first one.

So you’ve got a few questions…

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to use a specific caption?

When you and your members go to post through the Knit campaign link you’ll each get a default caption to use if you’re drawing a blank. However, you can still edit the caption when you get to IG and creativity is welcome! We just ask that you tag @sidralmundet in the image and the caption.

Does it matter if Instagram accounts are public or private?

It doesn’t matter if Instagram accounts are public or private. As long as your members post through your Knit campaign link our software will track the post and the funds it raises regardless of the account’s privacy status.

Why aren’t all of my org’s posts showing up on the dashboard?

Each post comes to the Knit team for approval, so it can take up to 48 hours for the posts to be approved and show up on the dashboard. If it’s already been 48 hours and you still don’t see the post, have that member take a screenshot and text Knit at 512-883-8185 with their IG handle to troubleshoot.

How do we make sure all photos are “approved” by the Knit team?

Gooood question, we love a rule follower! 😉 As long as the photos and posts follow our post requirements, you’re good to go. We’ll text each person to confirm once their photo is approved, and if the photo isn’t approved we text you to edit. 

How will I receive the donation money?

Once your fundraiser is over we’ll text you to confirm the final number of participants (we make sure that no photos slipped past our radar!) Donations can be sent via Venmo, PayPal, an online donation link, or a check in the mail – it’s totally up to you!

It’s easier than you think!

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