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Fundraising as easy as posting a pic

Get all the answers to your questions on how Knit makes fundraising easy, including:

  1. How to participate in this campaign
  2. Instagram post requirements
  3. Frequently asked questions

Text us at 512-883-8185 to get started or ask any question!

Ummm, how’s this work?

Super Simple Fundraising

1. Sign up to participate! Your orginazation just needs to text us at 512-883-8185 to get your sign up link.

2. You’ll receive a text from Knit with where to pick up your free swag

3. Take a pic wearing the swag (Tips & inspiration below!)

4. Post the pic to Instagram and help your org raise $!

PS: Not interested in taking a pic with swag? You can fundraise by sharing a fun pic of you on campus, as long as you follow all of the posting requirements below.

Have a question at any time? Text us at 512-883-8185!

Interested in fundraising with Knit?

Text us at 512-883-8185 to get started!

Let’s get you some moneeyyyy 💸

Instagram Post Requirements

  • Includes at least 1 person
  • Is well lit, not blurry, and not dark (ideally outdoors!)
  • Individuals’ Instagram accounts must have > 300 followers
  • Organization accounts must have > 1,000 followers
  • Does not feature another apartment building or university dorm
  • No alcohol, foul language, or any variations of explicit content expressed through images or captions.
  • 1 post per Instagram account, no “Finstas”
  • You cannot post the same photo as your friend, all photos must be different!
  • Instagram carousels are welcome!
  • No boomerangs or videos
  • No featuring or implying explicit content in the image or caption (alcohol, drugs, foul language, etc)
  • Hashtag & tag requirements specific to each campus* Text Knit if you’re unsure what yours are (512-883-8185)

It’s easier than you think!

Post Inspiration

Interested in fundraising with Knit?

Text us at 512-883-8185 to get started!

So you’ve got a few questions…

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I receive the donation money?

All of the funds raised from your campaign will be donated through your organization leader via Venmo, PayPal, or an online donation link. Not sure who your Knit organization leader is? Text the Knit team at 512-883-8185.

Does it matter if my Instagram account is public or private?

It does not matter if your Instagram account is public or private. As long as you post through your Knit campaign link, our software will track the post and the funds it raises regardless of the account’s privacy status.

Why isn't my post showing up on the campaign link yet?

Don’t worry! Knit posts can take up to 24 hours to be approved in our system and populate on your campaign link. If you do not see your post after 24 hours, please screenshot your photo and text it to the Knit team at  512-883-8185.

How much money can I raise?

Fundraising is done on an Organization basis. Check out how much you can raise for getting your org to participate:

Tier 1: 5 posts = $150
Tier 2: 10 posts = $350
Tier 3: 20 posts = $750
Tier 4: 40 posts = $1,600

Questions? Wanna learn more?

Text us anytime. Shoot us question. Flirt a bit if you want… My mom’s hoping I’ll meet someone nice. I’ll teach you her spaghetti recipe.. ILY.

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