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Knit empowers brands to successfully innovate their product & marketing efforts by gathering crucial consumer feedback through our Gen Z Insights Platform and Agile Video Feedback Solutions.

We ensure your product & marketing experiences meet expectations at every stage, from strategy & concept testing to go-to-market, for the generation of the future.

Understanding Gen Z has never been more important or urgent

for Buy Now, Pay Later providers

» Gen Z are digital natives & already account for 40% of the world’s consumer population (source)

» $44 billion in personal spending power, and influence up to $600 billion (source)

» 209% increase in BNPL usage by Gen Z demo, YOY (source)

» Gen Z is 42% more likely to buy a product is BNPL is offered (source)

Grow your user base & adoption, by understanding the
generation that’s driving growth in your industry.

Talking to Gen Z consumers can be difficult

Knit is the next generation of research for
the next generation of consumers

The new way to engage & understand Gen Z

What’s setting Knit apart from
other research providers

Access to high LTV, Gen Z consumers

Knit boasts the largest nationwide panel of Gen Z enabling brands to conduct studies that are hyper-targeted to specific regions, attributes and demographics. Segment our panel as needed through screeners to capture your ideal representation.

Qualitative Data with Rich context & applications

Through a combination of quantitative surveys and qualitative tools like Knit’s Video Feedback Response solution and Focus Group Panels, brands can supplement a baseline understanding of their Gen Z consumer with deep, qualitative insights into their target audience.

Quick turnaround for agile innovation

Knit’s highly-responsive, on-demand panel enables brands to conduct studies quickly to get the qual and quant data needed to answer their questions in minutes instead of months.

Research driving product adoption &
improved customer experiences

How you can use Knit to establish & validate
your assumptions at each stage

Market Research on Macro-Trends

Gather industry and market-wide data to uncover key insights driving strategic product & marketing decisions.

Concept Testing Digital Product Innovation

Run head-to-head testing of marketing and product concepts while gathering the crucial “why” behind consumer preferences.

Refining Go-to-Market Strategies & Content

Collect the insights needed to ensure a successful launch of your ready-for-market products and offerings.

Case Studies

Take a look into the success our brand partners are having through the Knit Gen Z Insights Platform. From concept testing to market research, our partners are guiding more customer-centric decisions through Knit.

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