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The ‘Knit’-ty Gritty:

Being a Knit Ambassador is more than a job you clock in at for a paycheck. It’s more than racking up internship accolades to jot down on your resume. Knit Ambassadors are a part of something bigger.

When you join the Knit team, you’re committing to spreading good in the world and on your campus. You play a part in growing Knit around your campus, so that other students can take part in fundraising for causes that help bring real change to society. You’re introducing your campus to a bit of joy and inspiration to their phones. And in the end, you’re the one that builds our member base to make Knit a movement – delivering GOOD to every campus across the nation world.

The Perks of Doing Good

(and what the role entails)

You became a Knit Member to do good. You became an Knit Ambassador because you wanted to do even more… Well, it wouldn’t be quite as fun if there weren’t some rewards though, right?!

Grow Knit on your campus to earn big

Looking to earn big (for yourself or your org)? The best way to do so is to help Knit grow on your campus! Share your custom Ambassador Code with your friends, classmates, and the whole campus and get rewarded for each signup! This is the easiest way to earn big and we give you all the tools to grow Knit (flyers, strategies, anything you need!).

Get the latest in "do good" swag

Doing good is fun in itself, but why not look good doing it? When you become a Knit Ambassador, you get access to the dopest swag on your campus. Our team won’t just slap a logo on a shirt, we make stuff  we all actually want to wear. From sweaters, hoodies, shirts, stickers and more, you get first access to swag once it’s available (item stock varies by campus).

Post on Social to Boost fundraising

Get your Influencer Game on point! Totally kidding, but Knit does help you earn and fundraise just by promoting Knit on social (like Instagram and Tik Tok). We give you everything you need to spread the word to make Knit go viral. And not only do you get paid for posting, but you also earn extra for signups!

Take your resume up a notch

Being a Knit Ambassador means you get access to a high growth team with a ton of learnings to share. You’ll become a part of a stellar marketing team with the ability to learn all the day-to-day nuances of running a high-growth start-up. Not to mention all of your efforts are in service of the greater good – a pretty good talking point for your interviews and list on your resume.

Curious how much you can earn with Knit?

Apply now and our team will share the latest rates!

Well now I’ve got questions…

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I fundraise or earn as an Ambassador?

The sky’s the limit! We equip our Ambassadors to earn as much as they want, with just a bit of work. When you apply, we’ll give you a full breakdown of responsibilities and what you can do to earn, along with how much you can earn through Knit actions and for each sign up you drive.

The average Ambassador earns $200-$400 a month, for just about an hour of work a week 👀

Do I have to participate in all Ambassador activities?

Not at all! We know our Ambassadors have busy lives (classes, tests, student orgs, & more) so we made our program work for you. You can pass on any opportunity you’re either too busy for or are not comfortable with.

Our Amabassador program is pretty handsoff in management so you can enjoy and participate in the parts you like most. Want to learn more? Apply and we’ll share all the details and answer any questions!

How does Knit send the money I earn?

We’ll send you all your earnings via PayPal or Venmo! We typically tally all Ambassador earnings every 2 weeks and send in a lump sum. All we need is your phone number and you’ll receive the donation sum within 2 – 3 business days.

Where does the money I earn go?

Knit will send your 💰💰 straight to you! From there, you’ll donate your sum to your favorite good cause or to your student organization (unless you choose to keep it). If you aren’t sure how to transfer funds, hit up your org leader or text Knit for some tips!

How long can I be an Ambassador for?

As long as you’re enrolled in a 4-year college, you can be a Knit Ambassador! Most of our Ambassador’s participate for a semester to earn a bit for their org and use it as an internship qualification on their resume though.

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